When I was younger, while spending my summer days working as waiter in my family restaurant, my father used to tell me: our clients first. He kept repeating it, day after day. Until I learned that there was nothing more important to our business than our clients. From that day, every time a client was leaving with a smile, I noticed how rewarding for myself that was. I wanted more and there was just one way to get it: our clients first. That was Italy, many years ago.

Today, built on top of that core value, I am a mobile software developer with 7+ years of experience who can help your company in starting or enforcing its mobile presence. I love to write and deliver clean code and I keep myself updated by attending conferences and following the latest programming trends in the community. I specialize in iOS, watchOS and tvOS development and you can hire me in case you need to design and architect a new app, add features or maintain an existing app or publish an app to the Store.