Storyboards: judgement day

After all this years of iOS development I finally made up my mind: all UI should be done programmatically. And in the next lines I will try to explain you what led me to that. [Read More]

Storyboard warnings

I recently worked on a project where the codebase is using storyboards in a very consistent way. Right last week, I noticed one of the storyboards triggered a couple of warnings in the XCode Issue Navigator. [Read More]

Back on dev'ING

I have been silent in the last months on these lands. I cannot deny that laziness mixed with deadlines from my last client, ING, all sparkled with a long holiday, made me very reluctant in blogging. But now that I resumed coding I will do my best to guarantee continuity... [Read More]

Stop wild weakification

Besides being a pillar for any great modern society, learning to give back what one gets is also one of the best practices in the mobile ecosystem. Why? [Read More]


Hello my reader, with this very first post I would like to welcome you to my (not so complete) website. [Read More]