Hello my reader, with this very first post I would like to welcome you to my (not so complete) website.

I have been in doubt so much the last weeks about publishing only when all the content would have been ready. But right 10 minutes ago I thought: do I really need to wait to write down everything before I can actually go online? Answer came by itself: absolutely no! You can start having a look around, perhaps adding a comment to this post, start following me on Twitter, etc.

I’m building up this website using Jekyll and after some time playing with it I am finally getting up to speed. I am aiming to fill in soon the works and the about me section. After that, I will focus on improving the website and, at the same time, I can start posting with a higher frequency. Expect posts about iOS programming, but also posts about freelancing in general, with some tips and suggestions.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch or leave feedback. For now, let me warmly welcome you again, here at codedby.pm